Happy 1st Workaholic Anniversary!

Hi, I’m Nana, and I’m a workaholic. But unlike most workaholics like Elon Musk or Steve Jobs, I am not a successful entrepreneur instead still a “professional bummer” but even so, I have something to celebrate still!


Today marks a year of my working all-day and all-night. Though stress was always┬ápresent┬álessons are always pouring. Yet it’s still hard to believe that in a whole calendar cycle, my improvement do not even amount to a day’s worth. However, my “Workaholic Anniversary” is a good head start to do better in the next cycle.

Last year I intended to do hard work being just as I am, “freestyle”, “carefree”, “unorthodox” an “artist”. But it did not work no matter how hard I tried. Now, there is something to change and fix. And it’s not simply how I work but how I am. So this year I intend to work hard to become a better person instead. And be a better artist who knows how and when to compromise. A year is surely not enough to accomplish a goal with such depth. It may even take a lifetime.

But even in this unfair life there’s always a fair chance for everyone.

And that includes setback achievers like I.

The first part rings heavy self-criticism and the next just a fair optimism. I believe it puts me in equilibrium. My main intention is to highlight and celebrate those few who, in my year of solid problems and half-cooked accomplishments, have not given up on me and more so, still believe I can bake some success.


Thank you.


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