A Song: “Above Skies and Beyond Oceans”

“Above Skies and Beyond Oceans”


 I often ask myself, “What is the meaning?”

Thinking why I always end in beginning

Most days I just stand but can’t stop the running

Wondering when will I see happy ending


“You win some, you lose some.”

Like what they always say

But Darling, if you learned the lesson

You never lost anything anyway


The Skies may change and Oceans wave

Life is strange but our love is true


Don’t you arrange, because life is but a beautiful mess

And always remember love is never less

Above skies and beyond oceans you are loved no less

You are loved no less. You are loved no less


Do you ask yourself, “Do dreams really come true?”

And wonder when will the stars align for you?

Sometimes life tells you to give up just like that

Love hates and all we share are the heart aches

(Repeat Refrain then Pre-Chorus)


When you turn gray, look up because the Skies do too

When you turn blue then know, the Ocean’s with you

When your world falls apart know, clouds will catch you

When your mind tells lies remember Love is true

 (Repeat Chorus)

Oh… You are loved.

Oh… You are loved.


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