What is Setback//Stories and who is the young Architect//Storyteller?


In creating this site, I intend to achieve the following:

— Firstly, to showcase not only my Artworks and Design Portfolio but as well as much of my journey making it. Setback//Stories is mainly about the ups and downs of a young Architect, who thrives to make a difference in the profession and in the academe.

— Secondly, to share whatever good I have picked in the process –all the way from the heights of academic ideals, down to the nitty gritty of actual construction.

— Lastly, to learn far more!

To know more about S//S and how I came up with the blog name, check out my perspective on setbacks.



I am Diana A. Cabales, friends call me Nana. I am a registered architect from Davao City, PH. I am (currently) a part-time Teacher and (always) a full-time Learner.

I spend my daytime as a full-time architect/designer and project manager (and most probably to spend a lifetime trying to figure out what all of these really mean.) As I practice architectural design and master the art of the construction (battle-)field during the day, I dedicate my nights preparing aspiring architects. Nights of beautiful nighmares, I suppose.

That’s my day and night; in between I timetravel through books, write and edit endlessly. Part from writing, I express my heart’s melodies and my mind’s randoms. by drawing and painting. Basically, I just like to fill and drain my own creativity juicebox and spill it all over with a purpose –for the sake of truly knowing and becoming who I am supposed to be.

If you’re here, you’re probably either a young (or feeling young) Architect like me or another architecture aspirant. If so, this is the right place for you and you are the best person to agree or disagree with me, just feel free! Let’s learn together. But if you’re not an architect or anywhere close to that, then you’re most certainly just someone awesome and you’re more than welcome!  Enjoy!

— Nana


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  1. good day my young architect. nice for you to make ur page a blog about your practice as u see it . SETBACK // STORIES may be a venue you mentioned for young (ot not so young) architects to connect with you. However, I would suggest changing SETBACKS to something like SURPRISES or something else as it connotes negativism instead when ur blog is actually about trying to uplift the young aspirants to the profession positively.
    just my thoughts.


  2. its not often architects acquired some voice (thru writings) to express what needs to be heard from us, lacking enough brain oxygen included. kudos.

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